September 2020
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Hey Edson AWANA families! We are missing you all and wish we could see your faces inside Bethel again, but we care about the health of our community and will wait to see you all again in person. In the meantime, we will post some AWANA videos here from some AWANA international resources. My suggestion is that if you have multiple kids in multiple age groups, pick one age group and watch the video and learn the verse together as a family. That means just one video and one verse per week that you can do together. The easier you make it for yourself, the more likely you will put in the effort to do it. I would do the T&T video and verses unless ALL your kids are still in Gr 2 or younger or are in Gr 7 and older. Cubbies is for PreSchool, Sparks is K-Gr 2, T&T is Gr 3-6, Trek is Gr 7-9 (I think) and Journey is Gr 10-12 (I think - Someone correct me if I am wrong). So choose the one that works best for you as a family and just go with that until Christmas.Now, if you participate in this Facebook Awana program and learn the verses you COULD win a draw. I am not yet sure how "extravagant" the gift will be, but winning stuff is always nice, right?
So, to be entered in the draw you will need to post a video of your child saying the verse either in the comments below the weekly post, or through private message to Awana Edson. You can enter every week and get 4 entries to that months draw or just one week in the month to get an entry. PLUS they will earn AWANA bucks for when we meet in person again! Looking forward to seeing some faces in the videos!!

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