Pastor John And Roberta

Pastor John and Roberta Greiner have been pastoring at
Bethel since 1993.

They both have a heart to serve their community and their
church and to help out wherever they can. Their passion for this church and
this community is fueled by their love for people.  Many times it seems they have endless energy
to help those in need of a listening ear, or a warm meal.

Show up on almost any Sunday and Pastor John will teach you
something you didn’t know about the passage he is preaching from.  And if you happen to be in the church when
the kids are singing songs, he will demonstrate his lighting fast action songs,
and out-sing those kids 100 percent of the time.  When he is not in the church, you will find
him fishing, hunting or fixing something in his garage.  He also loves hanging out with his grandkids. 

It doesn’t matter where you meet Roberta, she will have time
to listen about how your day was, and ask how your mom, or kids, or family is
doing. If you stop by her home, she will always be quick with a listening ear,
and something tasty to eat.  There is a
good chance you will find her baking fresh bread, cookies, or tarts.  If you are so lucky to come by on one of
those days, stick around until they come out of the oven! You will be glad you
did.  She loves hanging out with her
kids, and grandkids, and showing off pictures of her grandbabies to anyone
close by.

Pastor John and Roberta have a deep love this community as
they have spent some 28 years in this town. 
They raised their 4 children here, and are now happy to be surrounded by
both their church family and many of their grandchildren. (Though the one
far-away grandson is missed terribly!)

I can guarantee they would be happy to meet you, if you come
by on a Sunday morning.  And you will
enjoy meeting them too, as long as you are willing to look at a picture of a
grandkid or two and maybe listen to the occasional fishing story. 



Edson Family Worship Centre

6350 13 Avenue | Edson | Alberta