Church Membership

Why I Believe In Church Membership
I believe in church membership. I believe it is based on Biblical principles.

I believe it is a positive step for both the individual and for the church.

The Biblical basis for church membership

Let me begin by discussing its Biblical base. The New Testament church
knew very definitely who was and who was not a part of her body. The writer of
Acts could count how many people were a part of the church at any one time.
(Acts 2:41, 47; 4:4; 6:7)
As that church grew, and it became necessary to implement more organizational structure, the
apostle simply dealt with the various difficulties as they presented
Deacons were elected (Acts 6:1-7),
district supervisors were appointed (Titus 1:5),
and churches became multi-staffed (1 Pet. 5:1).
Church membership reflects both of these principles.
It identifies who has voluntarily chosen to be a part of a particular local church,
and it reflects an organizational structure necessary for legal protection.

What church membership offers it’s members

But let me go on to highlight what membership offers the individual who
voluntarily identifies with a particular church.

Membership offers a sense of recognition. It is in fact, the church’s
public statement that say’s “We recognize Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so as one of us.
We honour them. We respect them. We recommend them and their ministry gifts.”

Membership offers a sense of ownership. The church becomes “our church”
rather than “that church”, or “their church”.

Membership offers a sense of loyalty. Because it is now “our church”,
we are loyal to it. We defend it. It may not be perfect, but it is our church.

Membership offers a sense of accountability. Knowing that I’m not
perfect, I voluntarily make myself accountable to the pastor and the church.
Because I trust that they will deal with me in love, and will not betray
confidences, I choose to become accountable to them, that they might help me
become more Christ-like.

Membership offers a sense of responsibility. Because this is “our
church”, I want to support it with my prayers, my involvement, and my finances.

As I said, I believe in church membership. I like what it offers me,
and I am glad to be a part of what it offers the church.

If you have been attending our church, but have not become a member,
may I encourage you to check that off on the NOTE TO THE PASTOR cards.
We want to officially recognize you as a part of our church.

Written by Pastor John Greiner

Edson Family Worship Centre

6350 13 Avenue | Edson | Alberta